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2022 Outline Planner

PORTRAIT & HORIZONTAL iPad view options
LIGHT & DARK Mode options available
Yearly / Monthly / Weekly / Daily plans with hyperlinks
Dated Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2022
Monday & Sunday calendars
Daily pages with hourly slots (standard & military clock)
7 Built-in color notebooks included (each notebook has 12 linked sections)
150+ built-in templates (organized by category)
Tutorial pages included



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10 thoughts on “2022 Outline Planner”

  1. I like this planner so much.
    Finally, I’ve just found something that I would like to have in the next version ! The year calendar (current page « 2022 Calendar ») for the next year (or even the next 2 years). I know that the template section has a template for that, but it will be more convient to have the next year buil-in. For example, the vacation calendar at my work is from July to June, then I always need the next year calendar to plan my vacations for the whole year.
    Thank you Ralu for this great planner.

    1. Karine, I thought about this idea/need and I think I know how to solve it. I can add the next 2 years DATED calendars (eg; in the 2023 planner I’ll also include the 2024 and 2025 calendar pages). Notice that the 2024 and 2025 calendar pages will NOT have links to daily pages, however I can link each of them to 2-3 notes pages instead. This way you can keep your future events notes all in one place. And when you switch to the next year calendar you can find them easier.

  2. Hi Ralu, how do i use your various template and place them at the right location?

    For exemple a meeting template for Jan 3 2022 at 10 am and then an other one meeting template at 1pm
    With 4-5 meetings per day, would like to either place them on that day or to them on a project (one of your 7 color section) or person like a teammate or collegue, or my boss.

    Looking forward to your input and help

    1. Sylvvain just copy and paste a meeting notes template in the location you want to keep your notes.
      Here are some ideas:
      Option 1 – Keep all your meeting notes immediately after the weekly page. Here’s what I would do:
      – after the weekly page where I will list my priority tasks (list view) I will add an extra weekly appointments page to write my appointments in their slots.
      – then after the new weekly appointments page I would copy-and paste a daily meeting notes page
      – on the new page template I would add the date and then I’ll duplicate it 3-4 times (as needed).
      – will repeat the process for the next day too
      With this option, you should have the weekly page followed by 15-20 meeting notes pages that you can easily flip through.

      Option 2 – Keep all your meeting notes immediately after the Daily Planning page or Daily WORK page. Just like in the first option you’ll copy the template from the EXTRA TEMPLATES section and paste it after any of these 2 pages.

      Option 3 – Keep all your meetings in a color notebook. The color notebooks have 12 linked chapters that you can use as 12 months to hold meeting notes. For each month you’ll bring in 5x weekly appointments pages, and each weekly appointments page will be followed by 15-20 meeting notes.

      I do have another question. Have you considered using the Dated Meeting Book (to organize meetings by day – up to 5 meetings a day) or the People Book (to organize meetings by person)?

  3. Hi

    I like your creative and productive solutions for work and life.
    I hope to have the great 2022 Outline Planner soon !!

    Thank you.

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