I am confused - how do I buy your planners?

You have two options: get a single digital planner (buy any version anytime) or, join the Vault to get them ALL (the BUY BUTTON will be active every year between Sep 7th-Oct 7th.)

What is the Vault?

The Vault is a cozy space with my collection of premium digital planners (37+ so far). Customers buy the 1-year access pass every year, in September. Access to the Vault is limited.

Why is the Vault mostly closed?

It is a business decision to make sure that I deliver good content constantly, without getting the burnout caused by managing subscriptions.

When does the Vault open again?

The Vault opens between Sep. 7th to Oct. 7th every year. No exceptions.
In the first 48 hours EVERYONE can enter the vault for the crazy price of $47 (instead of $97). However, existing customers can claim the discount anytime in the first 7 days after launch.

Is the Vault an yearly subscription?

I call it an 1-year access pass. You pay for it every September and you get access for one year (everyone’s access ends on September 6th the following year!) No locked in contracts. No automatic renewals. No subscriptions you forgot about. Just pay when you need to get in.

Are the 2022 Planners included?

Yes, they are included. The 2022 Outline Planner and the 2023 Meeting Planner are inside the Vault, ready for download.

Are the 2023 Planners included?

Yes, they are included. The 2023 Outline Planner IS ALREADY AVAILABLE. The 2023 Meeting Planner will be added to the Vault in November 15th.

What happens if my membership expires?

If you do not renew your access in September, you will not be able to see and download any digital planner from the Vault. Just make sure you download the needed notebooks on the iPad, before your membership expires on September 06, 2023, so you can use them later too.

Why do people join the Vault?

Most people join to try all versions of my planners without having to pay extra. Also people find it easier to have everything in one place, easy to access and download. And lots of people are joining because they trust me and the product (thank you!)

What if I only need one digital planner?

You know what you want! That’s perfect!
Go to Buy a digital planner section and locate the planner you want. You can choose between getting a single version of that planner (like: Landscape with dark pages) or the bundle with all versions. Once the payment goes through you should get instant access to the download files on the thank you page (and via email). No login or account required.

I am a returning customer, do I get a discount?

In September 2022 the vault will open with a crazy price of $47 hours, if you get inside in the first 48 hours. However, returning customers (members of the vault in the past one year) will have an extended time to make the purchase at the exclusive price.

Are the digital planners video tutorials for vault members only?

Definitely NOT. You will find a lot of free video tutorials and walk through videos on my youtube page. while I am updating the Training section. I will, however, have exclusive resources for Vault members too, and those will not be free even if it’s listed in the training page.

I am on the old subscription plan, what can I do?

If you’ve signed-up to the Vault in late 2021 or early 2022 your access will expire at the end of the billing date AND WILL NOT AUTO-RENEW. To check when your subscription is ending, just login to the Vault and go to More page.

To get continuous access purchase a 1-year access pass in September 2022 (with the crazy discount price) or, else you’ll want to wait until September 2023 to re-join.

How can I tell that the Outline Planner is legit?

Outline Planner is a digital planning product designed by Ralu Petrea since 2018. The product is owned by Unfold SRL, the design company led by Ralu Petrea, based in Bucharest, Romania. Unfold SRL creates digital designs and UX products for online businesses from 2012.

To review my product and service you can check my old etsy account, the trustpilot reviews, the youtube channel and my facebook page.

All payments made through the website are either using paypal or stripe payment processor. All digital products on the website are INSTANTLY delivered after payment, so there's no way we can take them back once delivered. So, we do not allow any refunds or exchanges.

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VAT: RO29535894
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