1.How to Download and Import the 2022 Outline Planner from the Vault

Open the VAULT on the iPad and follow these steps to easily download your planner and import it to the app.

2.Understanding the Outline Planner's Structure

I am showing you the 3 main sections inside the planner: the planning section, the templates section and the notebooks section.

3.Navigate the Outline Planner using the Hyperlinks

Please watch this section. There are so many ways to navigate your planner!

4.Yearly Pages - Planning, Money, Tracker, Wins and Review

Discover all the yearly pages and use them when needed.

5.Monthly Pages - Planning, Money, Tracker, Wins and Review

Discover all the monthly pages and see how beautiful they are connected.

6.Weekly pages - Planning, Meals, Ideas and Results

Discover all the weekly pages and see how easy you can go from one week to another using the Next / Previous links.

7.Daily Pages - Planning, Life Notes and Daily Notes

Discover all the daily pages and see how easy you can switch between them; or go back to the weekly planning page.

8.Review Pages - Long-term, Monthly and Weekly

Don't forget to review your progress. Not only they will bring clarity, but they'll boost the spirit when things are not going well.

9.Exploring the 150 Built-in Templates

Pick 3-5 built-in page templates and use them to customize your digital planner.

10.Understanding the 7 Built-in Color Notebooks

How to get all your notes organized in notebooks and chapters.

11.Steps to organize your 2022 Outline Planner

Here's how I organize my outline planner with the help of a custom worksheet.
Download the worksheet I am using in the video.

12.Why to use color and fonts

Don't skip this step! It can help you get more consistently looking notes.

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